Level Transmitter
Non-Contact radar
CONNETECH radar sensors are available in two different frequency ranges and can thus be implemented in a wide variety of applications. K-band instruments work in a frequency range over 20 GHz. This enables the use of very small antennas and respectively compact process fittings. Due to strong signal focusing, the measuring system achieves high accuracy.
C-band instruments are characterized by low frequencies around 6 GHz. Thus, in most cases, buildup and dirt on the antenna system or foam on the product surface do not affect the measurement.
Contact radar
The contact radar is applicable for most liquid and solid level measurement. The propagation of guided wave is virtually unaffected by the ambient temperature and pressure. Hence these radar sensors are ideal for use under extremely difficult process conditions. Pressures from vacuum up to 40Mpa and temperatures from-40 … +400 °C (-40 … +752 °F) are no problem for radar.
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